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IRS Levies

Has the IRS seized any of your assets? You need Rapid Resolution Tax Group representing your rights.

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Are your wages being garnished for unpaid taxes? Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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IRS Payment Plans

Want to settle your tax debt but do not qualify for an offer in compromise? You may need to enter into a payment plan.

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Unfiled Tax Returns

You do not need to worry about having numerous unfiled tax returns.  Do not listen to other companies who use fear so you use their services. The IRS does not like to go to the expense of prosecuting taxpayers. They would probably go bankrupt.

The next best thing you can do is to just start filing your tax returns. But, they need to be done correctly and Rapid Resolution Tax Group is ready to assist you. If you file your tax returns without the proper paperwork (W2s, 1099s) you are starting down a path you do not want to go. You need to pull your history from the IRS and see what income has been reported the past years.

With technology improving the way we all work, the IRS has used this to find more and more people who have failed to file their tax returns. Regardless of your reason, filing your tax returns is a necessary evil to avoid costly fines, wage garnishments and levies. The IRS is not concerned with your reasons.

Do not let the IRS file a tax return on your behalf. As former IRS Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Tax Professionals, we know what the IRS does and why they do it. They do nothing on behalf or for the benefit of the taxpayer.

You need to contact Rapid Resolution Tax Group today if you have any unfilled tax returns. We are ready to help you protect your income, assets, and lifestyle.